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    • Specification range:Maximum size: 2500*6000mm  Minimum size: 250x200 
    • Thickness Range:3-19mm 
    • Quality standard:/
    • Europe:/

    Productivity: 200,000m2/year
    Inspection: AN/NZS 2208:1996, BS6206, EN12150

    1. Detailed information

    By pouring the liquid of the hydrofluoric acid on the glass  surface and swashing with the running water, the acid etched glass will be manufactured. And it is a kind of product that have a mild surface that no fingerprint can be left.


    1 .exquisite  smooth , gentle glass , good translucent , sense of reality ,

    2 .environmentally friendly


    widely  used in  hotel, bathroom ,living room, office , folding screen , kitchen, washing room, and furniture ect