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    • Specification range:2900 x 1500 mm
    • Thickness Range:3-19 mm
    • Quality standard:/
    • Europe:/

    1. Detailed information

    Ceramic frit is applied by printing onto the glass surface, then baked and fired in the tempering furnace with a high temperature (around 700 centigrade) to merge into the glass permanently. This processing is normally found on the glass for shower doors, railings, table tops, curtain walls and some other decoration applications.


    •Decorative: Rich colors and patterns; can be custom-made to achieve the decorative purpose;

    •Energy-saving: Providing the shading effect with some absorption and reflection to sunlight.


    Architectural facade glass

    Window glass for shop, family and school

    Graphic glass for interior partition

    Auto glass,electric glass

    Furniture and art glass