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    • Specification range:Maximum size: 2500 ×6000 mm
    • Thickness Range:4-60 mm
    • Quality standard:USA: ASTM C-1172
    • Europe:EN-ISO 12543 & EN 14449

    1. Detailed information

    The laminated glass is a kind of advanced safety glass, and binding material PVB (polyvinyl butyral) or EVA (vinyl acetate polymer) middle film and SGP film are bonded in two or more glasses, and then being heated and pressed with high temperature and pressure to form the advanced safety glass.

    Process specification:

    ◆Producing thickness: 5mm~60mm

    ◆Maximum size: 2440mm*6000mm


    •Safety: When impacted by any external force and cracked, laminated glass still completely remains in the original frame;

    •Anti-ultraviolet radiation and thermal insulation: It can very effectively block ultraviolet rays in the sunlight so as to avoid ultraviolet radiation and reduce thermal transmittance;

    •Noise reduction: PVB film can obstruct sound so as to reduce noise.


    Laminated glass is a real acknowledged safety glass widely used in building windows and doors,curtain walls,day-lighting ceilings,skylights,sprung roofs,supported flooring,large glass walls,furniture doors,decoration partitions,etc.