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    • Specification range:maximum width: 3660 mm According to customer demands.
    • Thickness Range:3.2-8 mm
    • Quality standard:Internal and National standard: Q/QBBL 002-2011 & GB/丁 18915.2-2002.
    • Europe:/

    1. Detailed information

    Low-Emissivity (Low-E) coated glass is made by coating various layers of metal or other compounds on the glass surface. It improves energy efficiency by reducing the unwanted loss of heat or cold through windows.


    1.Energy conservation and environmental protection:Good thermal insulation effect and the ideal energy-saving and environment-friendly material

    2.Excellent day-lighting properties: Good optical properties and day-lighting effect.

    3.Stable chemical properties:Can be used as single glazing and suitable for long-term storage.

    4.Stable hot-working ability:Easy processing,such a s  tempering,hot-bending,laminating,ect,

    5.Stable mechanical properties:Firm film,good abradability and not easy to get scratch. No special handing for IGU.