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    ULTRAL CLEAR (low-iron)GLASS

    • Specification range:Minimum size: 800 ×1400 mm Maximum size: 3300 x 13000 mm
    • Thickness Range:3-19 mm
    • Quality standard:USA: ASTM C-1036
    • Europe:EN 572-2

    Different jumbo sizes are available according to customer request.

    1. Detailed information

    Our ultra clear (low-iron) glass is defined by high degree of light transmittance,  high transparency, crystal clarity, and noble elegance.


    Ultra-white float glass is a highly transparent glass and is also called low iron glass or ultra white glass. It is a high-quality, multifunctional new high-grade glass, and its light transmission rate is above 91%, with crystal clear and elegant features.


    ultra-white conductive film substrate glass of solar thin film cell, interior and exterior decorations (partitions, doors, windows, curtain walls, stairs, high-grade silver mirror, etc) of advanced buildings, display cabinets, appliances, lighting, mosaic products, glass furniture and sanitary series.